We are recognized for what we do and how we do it, CEO Construcciones y developments is synonymous with quality, detailed and precise finishes, optimization, sustainable, intelligent construction.

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Work progress

Apart Hotel

Work progress

For more than two decades we have specialized in BUILDING spaces to live

As a team, we have managed to complete works that include:

We work responsibly, passionately and professionally

Because we understand the importance of our work. We have works carried out in large urban centers, in cities, in closed neighborhoods, in towns, with almost 100,000 square meters built. We are committed to safety and good practices, we are a team of professionals who distinguish ourselves by the rigor in complying.
Bagua oficina
Bagua oficina

In our offices in Funes, Santa Fe, we give shape to your ideas

What has been done in our way speaks of us

A demanding portfolio of satisfied clients make us proud of creating, making, turning ideas into concrete spaces where people live and enjoy , as much as we did when we built it.